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We are a real estate investment company located in Houston, Texas, that provides services in and around Harris County for families with hardships. Offers can be made to homeowners in bankruptcy, with court approval of the sale. We can assist homeowners all around the country through associate offices. Most of our cases are with foreclosures, in which we help families on recovering some funds before totally losing their house to a bank or auction. This action also prevents the recording of a foreclosure on the homeowners credit report, which would be present for several years, damaging their FICO Score, and preventing future loans.

Yes, "WE BUY HOUSES", Sell Houses, and Rent Houses. But, in no way or form do we represent ourselves as Realtors or Legal Advisers. We bring private investors and homeowners together through our acquisitions.

We are here to assist you in resolving your financial situation. Most commonly by having one of our cash investors acquire your house and free you from the mortgage. The exact means will be determined after our initial meeting. There is no cost to you for our services.

Short Sales are the most common transaction, where the homeowner owes more than their house is worth, and they can't afford to keep making payments. We contract with the homeowner, then negotiate with the mortgage company to accept less than what is owed, remove the homeowner from any future deficiency judgment, and buy the house. This releases the homeowner from financial obligations, so that they can move on with their lives.

Note: Short Sales transactions take 2 - 9 months to complete, depending on the mortgage company. This can allow the homeowner to stay a little longer in the house, while pocketing the (would be) mortgage payments.

If we choose to buy your property, our offer is always Net. This means that we cover most all the closing costs, except for some personal taxes you may owe on your behalf. You will walk away with a lump sum amount of money.

We Buy Houses

We buy houses in any conditon

  • Pretty house
  • Ugly house
  • Renters destroyed
  • Hurricane damaged
  • Multi-unit duplex/fourplex
  • Fire damage (90% of Structure Remaining)

Need to sell your house because of

  • Foreclosure
  • Behind on payments
  • Lost your job
  • Divorce
  • Probate inheritance
  • Tired of being a landlord
  • Need to move quickly
  • House needs extensive repair
  • Fire burned (90% of Structure Remaining)

We can Help!

  • No commissions to pay!
  • No headaches!
  • No repairs are needed!
  • No realtor fees!
  • No mortgage approval!
  • Stop your foreclosure!
  • Stop stressing out!

Sell Your House

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If you choose to sell you house, our investor team will get you the best possible results Fast!

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