Five Types of Sellers, Which are You?

With foreclosures, there are basically five types of sellers. It is obvious that the homeowner can not afford to continue paying the mortgage, should sell the house to save their credit rating, and not let the foreclosure proceed. But emotions, angers and fears surface and get in the way of common logic.

  1. This seller wants cash for his house, even if there is no equity. A foreclosure auction will be taking place in a few day, where he will lose everything. He is an all or nothing type of person. Possibly too greedy for his own good. We can not help him.
  2. This Seller just wants to get out from under his mortgage obligations. He understands his situation and doesn't expect any money. We can work close with him.
  3. This peson doesn't want to sell their house. They want to keep their house and expect a miracle to happen soon. After educating this person, they may consider to sell.
  4. This Seller doesn't trust anyone and assumes that all investors are crooks. It it true that there are scammers in any industry. His fears may be his worst enemy. We have to assure him that we are here to help.
  5. This person has just given up, is very depressed, and wants to just walk away from the house. We have to save them from themselves. We try to work close to them and take away the stress.

No matter which type of seller you are, we commonly find sellers procrastinating, when we try to acquire paperwork. We work in a tight time schedule, trying to get paperwork submitted and processed with the banks and title companies. Forms, letters and contracts need to be returned to us within 3 days.

Utilities and HOA

Water, gas and electric utility services need to be left on during a house sell. They can be turned off and on at the house source to keep the cost down. This is important for the house to be toured and tested by inspectors and potential buyers.

The surrounding grounds and community fees need to be maintained, so that HOA penalties and liens are not imposed during the sell period.

Maintenance, the Real Problem

When someone buys a house, they calculate their income against the mortgage, taxes and utilities. But, they forget to factor in the cost of the house maintenance.

After repairing the roof, air conditioning, plumbing, termite damage, paint, flooring, etc... they find themselves financially behind on Credit Cards and/or Mortgage payments. Maintaining a house can get costly and it never ends. Items start to be ignored and soon we find an Ugly House, that needs alot of repairs. The homeowner feels that they can't even sell the house with all the problems, and buyers won't even walk through the door. Again, it's an investor that will purchase, rehab and resell this house.


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